About us

Calderon Economic Development Strategies, LLC  (CEDS) is a new company with more than 25 years of professional economic development experience. The company was formed by Bill Calderón in June of 2017 to provide economic development consulting services and advice on creation and use of a myriad of economic development tools, including TIRZs (Tax Increment Reinvestment Zones), Municipal Management Districts (MMDs), Public Improvement Districts (PIDs), Enterprise Zones, Industrial Districts, Tax Abatement Reinvestment Zones, and other special purpose district-based incentives. We also assist with Chapter 380/381 agreements and synthetic tax increment financing agreements.

CEDS also provides consulting services to local governments and private development concerns on economic development strategies, including negotiating and crafting of development reimbursement agreements, economic impact analysis of specific incentive tools, GIS (graphic information system) cartography and GIS-based data analysis, creation and use of local government corporations (LGCs) for project development and management, including the use of and structuring of tax exempt and taxable bond financing to finance development.

CEDS provides creative solutions and fresh ideas to challenging development projects to bring them to fruition.

Our Experience: Twenty five years in the economic and community development field, with dozens of special purpose districts created. Collectively, these have resulted in expansion of community tax bases exceeding $4 billion, with over $300 million in tax exempt bonds and private financing.

Our Strategy: Bring experience, inspiration and originality to create innovative, successful developments and redevelopment projects through well-conceived financing plan strategies to guarantee success. We successfully utilize Public-Private partnerships to finance challenging development projects.

About The Team



Bill Calderon is the founder and leader of Calderon Economic Development Strategies, LLC (CEDS). His insight, creativity, and success are the product of nearly 27 years of immersion and active participation in community and economic development. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Texas in Government, worked for the City of Houston overseeing the economic development division for close to a decade before joining Hawes Hill Calderon LLP as partner. He has been active as both a trainer and advisor to the Council of Development Finance Agency, the Texas Economic Development Council, the International Economic Development Council, and many of the most recognized bond financing and underwriting firms and banks. With many dynamic and challenging projects behind him, Bill has taken the next logical step and created Calderon Economic Development Strategies. Bill’s success stories are a great way to find out more of his capabilities and the breadth of his expertise.



Christie Billioni has 15+ years of experience in GIS in the oil and gas industry. She received her Bachelor of Science in Geography from Texas A&M University in 2001. Her interests in geography and GIS lie primarily in the practical applications of GIS to exploration and the inspiration a map can provide to further discovery.

Alison Muratore has 10+ years of experience in GIS, including the US Department of Defense, NASA, and the oil and gas industry. She received her Masters in Geographic Information Systems from The Pennsylvania State University in 2015. She particularly enjoys data modeling and the creation of a beautifully artistic map.

Good friends and former co-workers, Alison and Christie started Redwood GIS with the aim and expectation of providing expert, timely GIS consulting services.




Ambrose Communications are strategic partners with Calderon EDS in communications, outreach and awareness.

With experience in editorial management and marketing across a variety of public and private sectors, founder Amber Ambrose and her team specialize in editorial direction and support of content-driven marketing and public relations strategies with a little moxie and a lot of heart.


Calderon EDS provides unparalleled advice and expertise in economic development strategies, community development planning, and public finance.

The following represents our range of services in a variety of areas:


Guidance and consulting services on the creation of Special Purpose Districts (SPDs)

  • Public Improvement Districts (PIDs)
  • Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)
  • Municipal Management Districts (MMDs)
  • Tax Abatement Districts (TADs)
  • Tax Increment Financing Reinvestment Zones (TIF/ TIRZs)
  • Transportation Reinvestment Zones (TRZs)
  • Enterprise Zones

Consulting Services related to public finance

  • Guidance and consulting services on overlay zones
  • Local Government Corporation utilization for public financing and SPD management
  • Tax exempt financing through bonds and private placement facilities
  • Negotiations of private entity financing agreements (developer agreements) 
  • Facilitation of all of the above through a network or established financing entities, bond houses, and private banking institutions
  • Private investment assistance
  • Affordable Housing development project financing

Grant writing for development projects, mobility projects, and planning

  • Transportation enhancement grants
  • Council of Government Grants 
  • Foundation support
  • Planning grants

Managing consultants on special project design

  • Green space development 
  • Shovel-ready TxDOT projects
  • Special Purpose District branding
  • Landscaping design, construction, maintenance

current projects


Espiritu Santo TIRZ #2 - City of Brownsville

Partners: City of Brownsville, Cameron County,  Madeira Properties, Ltd. 

Project: Create a new tax increment reinvestment zone in City of Brownsville / Cameron County over 1400 acres of land located at the intersection of Texas Hwy 100 and US Hwy 77.

Approach: The effort will propose the creation of a Local Government Corporation (LGC) to serve as the financing vehicle for the project. Additionally, it will require the negotiation of an agreement between the City and the County for their respective participation in the TIRZ. 

Goals: Finance the development of a mixed use project that includes new commercial uses, medical facilities, public use facilities including safety and green spaces, financing public amenities, facilitating the development of educational facilities, and financing drainage and detention needed to enable the project to develop.


Northeast Houston TIRZ #22 Annexation: Houston, TX

Partners: East Houston Development Corporation, and a coalition of civic clubs in the area led by the East Houston Civic Club

Project: To place approximately 2100 acres of territory in NE Houston, the majority of which is inside the Houston city limits, inside a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ)

Approach: Annexing the territory into an existing reinvestment zone created by the City of Houston almost 10 years ago that has not developed as originally intended

Goals: The annexation would enable the development of several parcels of varying sizes, providing new residential and commercial developments the ability to harness the reinvestment zone’s capacity to reimburse for necessary public infrastructure needed. It is anticipated that the new taxable value associated with these developments will help generate much needed funding that can help improve area roads, drainage, detention, sidewalks, a community center, parks and greenspaces along area bayous


Santander TIRZ Extension: Brownsville, Texas

Partners: City of Brownsville, Cameron County, Santander TIRZ

Project: The extension of an existing TIRZ created by the City of Brownsville in 2004 to add 30 years to the life of the zone. The original zone was created to assist with the development of 180 acres of land in North Central Brownsville into a mixed use residential and commercial development, including a multi-family project.  

Approach: The effort will include a project plan amendment, annexation of territory, preparation of a new financial feasibility study to demonstrate economic viability, and re-negotiation of the inter-local agreement between the City of Brownsville and Cameron County

Goals: The on-going work will also expand the TIRZ by adding acreage in the immediate vicinity of the original zone to facilitate development of commercial property adjacent to US Hwy 77.  This would accommodate development of mixed commercial usages and improvements to hike and bike trails, parks and green spaces as public amenities for Brownsville residents.  The project would also add a commercial corridor running along abandoned railroad right of way—parallel to US Hwy 77 to provide both relief to the North/South traffic on the freeway, and also provide access to the acreage to be developed.  


Parkway Development Financing: Fort Bend County, TX

Partners: Fort Bend County Commissioner, Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District #50, Robert Ferguson, master developer of Parkway Lakes Development project

Project: Create and implement a financing structure that will enable the development of approximately 160 acres of land into a mixed commercial development

Approach: The effort will include the creation of a Local Government Corporation (LGC) to serve as the financing vehicle for the project. Additionally, it will require the negotiation of an agreement between the MUD and LGC, as well as an agreement between the County and LGC to fund component parts of the development project through a combination of MUD sales taxes, county sales taxes, and county ad valorem taxes 

Goals: The structure, with agreements in place for 25 years, will ultimately enable the sale of tax exempt bonds to reimburse certain road project costs and public infrastructure costs