See the stats of community impact and services provided with these recent projects.


Project: Extension of Penitas TIRZ #1 and Repositioning of the TIRZ Project Plan.

Completed December, 2018

Entities involved:

  • City of Penitas, Texas

  • Hidalgo County Texas

  • Penitas Redevelopment Authority

  • Mil Encinos, Ltd development

Services Provided:

  • Worked with Mil Encinos Development to update their development plan, in order to recommend the appropriate amount of time to the City and County to extend the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone life.

  • Redrafted the Zone’s Project Plan and Reinvestment Zone Financing Plan, to extend the zone life, recomputing the zone revenues for a thirty year extension.

  • Briefed City Council and the Zone’s Board of Directors on the plan to extend the zone life and amend the Zone’s Plans;

  • Secured approvals from both the Zone / Redevelopment Authority Board and the City Council

  • Worked with Hidalgo County Judge’s office, Commissioner Precinct #3 Offices, and the County’s attorney to amend and restate the inter-local agreement for County participation.

  • Secured approval of the inter-local agreement by all parties.

Community Impact:

  • Created a capacity for the zone to recover from the economic downturn of 2008-2012, and fully develop the zone plan as originally contemplated.

  • Created a capacity to negotiate for the Penitas Redevelopment Authority ’s first bond sale, with and estimated proceed totalling $4MM. Closing on the transaction is planned for June 2019.

  • Bond proceeds will fund the road and drainage capital improvements and will enable the development of $60MM in new value in the zone.

  • Will also ultimately enable the zone to work with the City to finance a City Hall.


Project: New Highway to the New Anzalduas International Bridge

Entities involved:

  • Texas Department of Transportation—Pharr District Office
    City of Mission, TX

  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #1, City of Mission and the Mission Redevelopment Authority

  • Hidalgo County,Texas

  • Bridge Board

  • US Fish/Wildlife

  • US Department of Homeland Security

  • US Border Patrol

  • US Economic Development Agency

  • City of Reynosa, Mexico

  • Hunt Development

  • Various Irrigation/Drainage Districts

Services provided:

  • Managed Mission Redevelopment Authority RFQ for engineering services for new highway.

  • Provided oversight and management of contract engineer during the design

  • Coordinated approvals with governmental agencies

  • Managed City of Mission’s role in successful co-application with the City of McAllen for EDA grant funding for utility infrastructure at the Bridge Port of Entry

  • Worked with City of Mission and the Area Municipal Planning Organization to secure over $80 million in funding for multiple phases of highway construction

  • Negotiated the ROW acquisition from Hunt Development for the project

Community Impact:

  • The bridge over the Rio Grande linking Mission, TX to Reynosa, Mexico served to increase economic development opportunities via more convenient transit options for the transport trucking industry and for motoring public between the two countries

  • Increased trade and consumer spending

  • Created new jobs to service the bridge traffic

  • For city of Mission TIRZ, created ability to develop 3000+ acres of raw land along both sides of the new highway, providing a vital linkage from US Highway 83 to the new international crossing

  • Overall project brought capital investments exceeding $100 million


Project: Preparation of a Financial Feasibility Study and Finance Plan for a New Port of Entry in the City of Sunland Park, New Mexico called the “Camino Real de Tierra Adentro” Port.

 Completed: January 2019

 Entities involved:

  • City of Sunland Park, New Mexico

  • Doña Ana County, New Mexico

  • State of New Mexico (Multiple Statewide Departments)

  • S&B Infrastructure, Ltd.

  • US Department of Economic Development

  • North American Development Bank

 Services Provided:

  •  Worked with the City and S&B Infrastructure to determine and recommend the most feasible route for the new Port of Entry to take to maximize the development of land around the port.

  • Evaluated the possible use of a Tax Increment Development District  (TIDD) to finance the project.

  • Measured the impact of the proposed TIDD on the local and state jurisdictions; met with Dona Ana County and the State of New Mexico Finance Department to discuss the possible collaborations with Sunland Park through the TIDD.

  • Identified sources of revenues that could be used to assist with financing the project from State and Federal Sources

  • Worked with other team consultants to estimate revenues that could be made available from toll revenues for the project

  • Met with all property owners in the Redevelopment Area to determine development plans.

  • Used all of the information to compile a 30 year revenue forecast.

  • Worked with multiple financial advisors to estimate tax exempt bonding capacity based on a blend of all revenues to determine City of Sunland Park’s capacity to finance the project.

  • Worked with S&B Infrastructure on the Phase One analysis report to present to the City of Sunland Park, recommending initiation of Phase Two—-pursuit of the Presidential Permit for the new Port of Entry

Community Impact:

 Community Impact will ultimately be measured by the success of the effort to establish the report.   The project is on-going.   See the attached Financial Feasibility Report.  Possible impact to the City is estimated to be in excess of $200MM in new development; more than 1200 new jobs, and an economic impact estimated in excess of $270MM.

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 12.51.18 PM.png

Project: Re-lighting Arch Bridges on I-69 in Montrose District, Houston, Texas

Entities involved:

  • Montrose Management District

  • Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Houston Region

  • Texas Department of Transportation—Austin Statewide Offices

  • Houston Galveston Area Council (HGAC)
    City of Houston, Texas

Services provided:

  • Coordination with four different governmental entities.

  • Found the required funding to make it happen through the following:

  1. Application for Grant Funding to HGAC —Successful with $680,000 awarded

  2. Application for Grant Funding to Texas Transportation Commission

  3. Successful pursued and $1.46 million grant

  4. Negotiated contribution from TxDOT District office of Construction management fees worth $400,000.

Project Management:

  • Management of RFP for Lighting Architectural work

  • Management of of the approval processes by Montrose MD and the District and State TxDOT offices of the plans

  • Worked with the Contractor and Architect during construction

Community Impact:

  • Brought funding solutions and successful implementation to a difficult project that was of importance to the state, city, management district and the surrounding neighborhoods

  • Increased safety on the bridge platforms by providing better lighting, therefore improving overall transportation

  • Public art and awareness

Montrose bridge lighting gets chance to shine - Houston Chronicle


Project: Boutique Hotel Development in Downtown Houston (Rice Hotel)

Entities Involved:

  • City of Houston

  • Harris County

  • Houston Convention and Entertainment Department (Now Houston First Corp)

  • Central Houston

  • Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone #3 City of Houston and the Downtown Redevelopment Authority

Services Provided:

  • Created a new economic development program to increase the number of hotel rooms available for convention solicitation by the Greater Houston Convention and Visitor’s bureau

  • Worked with the Convention and Entertainment Department and the City Legal Department to structure seven different agreements with owner of historic properties in downtown Houston, to facilitate their development into boutique hotels, providing Hotel Occupancy Tax rebates

  • Negotiated Historic Tax Exemptions on three of the facilities

  • Incentives were negotiated in trade for room block agreements to make Houston more competitive in attracting major conventions

Community Impact:

  • Added more than 2300 rooms to the available stock, and facilitated the preservation of seven historic buildings in downtown Houston

  • Further development and diversification of the downtown redevelopment and revitalization effort